Frequently Asked Questions


What payment options do we offer ?

We accept Cash, Visa and Mastercard.

Some of our locations also accept Amex, debit, transfers–just ask!

How do coupons work ?

When you book your appointment, please tell the phone agent that you’d like to use a coupon. Make sure you have it with you when we arrive to do the work, and present it to the crew before we start to ensure we can honour the discount.

Does your crew accept tips ?

Yes! If you think the crew did a great job and you’d like to recognize their hard work, tips are always appreciated.



“Very punctual. In my opinion the most important thing in any business. I have used Junk and Trunk 4 times now and they have an unblemished record of punctuality.“
Jason Swartzman

Chatswood, NSW

“The website is very user friendly which made my booking simple. I received a phone call prior to the team coming to remove a tree and rubbish”
Susan Whiting

Auburn, NSW

“Straight forward , friendly booking followed up by prompt pick-up and value for money. The driver was polite and worked quickly.”
Frank Simons

Bondi Junction, NSW